Crikket’s Confusion

Just after midnight and my first blog entry…Knock On Wood – but, I think I may have found my Hub-Web-Home in this internet virtual world.  I did say Knock On Wood!  After struggling with AOL for far too long, and now just getting used to the Vista – I find myself liking this Windows Live.  Question is – can I learn how to use it.  It has been a struggle just to get to this point but I think I am determined to get’er done.  Thank God I have no more dial-up to add to my struggling efforts. 
I am tired right now and openly admit that I still remain confused.  Then I have young grandchildren that can fly right thru all this computer stuff.  Well, I sent them all invites so as they check in on me once in awhile, their helpful advice will always be welcome.  Also, my Heart (ShuShu), my Sun (JonBoy) and my Rainbow (Gypsy Rose) are always welcome and I do miss them so much.
Maybe after a good night sleep and I return to tackle this learning process again tomorrow, maybe things will look easier…guess I will find out.
KCM/Crikket…Kari to only one 🙂    

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  1. mom, I know when i changed from dial up, and that old computer that we had gotten from jims parents, it was over whelming all the new stuff and things i had no clue about, but i just keep messing around and finllay learned how to use the darn thing.. then wham jim decided we should finllay put the new vista on the computer since  it came with the new system, and boy it started all over again.. learing everything.. but i really like the vista now.. and windows live… i enjoy getting to jump on windows live messenger and chatting with people i have not seen. but it willl all get easier… and you willl totally love it….you heart shushu

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