Look at the PAST – Now, you form your opinion of what TODAY looks like…

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It’s getting ugly out there: the frauds, bunglers, liars, and losers who are hurting America/
Index: ISBN 978-0-470-14479.4…”Labor Day weekend – it isn’t what it used to be in this country,”…
Jack CaffertyPlace of workers in our economy and the up-coming campaigning…America’s time for a reality check.

Cafferty talks of a bumper sticker he saw: “NAFTA + CAFTA = SHAFTA”
Facing some of America’s biggest challenges today:
Labor Force
Millions of our manufacturing jobs being outsourced.
As of 2006, the twelve to twenty million illegal aliens taking jobs
Cafferty reports emails received of widespread anger and anxiety suggesting the biggest
challenge to be outsourcing of manufacturing jobs, or just finding a job, or the work ethic

Are Americans living in an unrealistic, parallel universal world based on false rhetoric of our
previous and present “administration’s barrage of upbeat economic indicators”.

And what about this statement, “the do-nothing GOP Congress raised the national debt
ceiling-for the fourth time on Bush’s watch-to $9 trillion…”

How does what was said in 2006 correlate with what we as Americans are seeing in the new year
of 2008:
1. “…the government is about to run out of money…again.”
2. “Some people…admitted that they could no longer even see themselves as middle class.”
3. “People can’t afford a house or car payments.”
4. “Bankruptcies are up.”
5. “People’s credit is maxed out just from paying the bills.”
6. “Couples working full time are barely making it.”
7. “The number of companies providing health insurance declines yearly.”
8. “Our six-figure elected leaders wouldn’t raise the minimum wage until the 110th Congress
finally got to work on passing the first federal minimum wage hike in a decade in January 2007.”
9. “Both the House and the Senate passed their own versions of a federal minimum wage hike
bill, but they weren’t reconciled and sent to the president for signature until late May 2007.”
10. The first such wage hike since 1997-to be staged over three years-included nearly $5 billion
in tax breaks for small businesses…”
11. ILLEGAL “immigrants are driving down the maximum wage that anyone will pay for an
honest day’s work.”
12. “Decent education…prohibitively expensive…families who don’t…have a trust fund or a star
quarterback on a full-ride scholarship.”

Cafferty refers of an email from Karen that stated, “Being able to support a family with three
children, one of whom is in college, is a greater challenge than I ever imagined it would be. My
standard of living decreases every year, and I worry about what the next years will harbor for
middle-class families.”

Cafferty goes on to say that “The American middle class has…Had its guts ripped out.
Neutralized. Downsized.”…”The middle class in this country is worse off financially than ever

According to Cafferty’s statistics, “potential downside from all different kinds of debt is
staggering to consider. Home Mortgage debt is now above $8 trillion, thanks to the recent
housing boom and record low interest rates; consumer debt has shot to $11 trillion; and the
United States is in hock to Japan and China to the tune of about$1 trillion.” Those were his
researched statistics in 2006, what are the statistics today?

This list is just to mention a few, and the list goes on…presented to us in 2006. Now what are you
seeing overall in 2008?

I rather like Cafferty thoughts about common sense: “…you have to jam your head way up your
ass not to realize what’s happening. From open borders to Wall Street bonuses, we have
witnessed a historic polarization along the economic scale of income and wealth…illegals…wage
And don’t forget to include the “frauds, bunglers, liars, and losers who are hurting America”.

Do Americans really need to worry about that so called “gigantic crater” hitting and demolishing
our earth? Seems to me that common sense would strongly indicate that with our recent
presidents, administration as a whole along with lobbyists and greedy corporations in the White
House, the so called “gigantic crater” has already hit and is well on it’s way to demolishing the
“epicenter of our economy’s income spectrum”.

I believe it is also important to bring to your attention the following 2006 statement made by
Cafferty in his book called The Frauds, Bunglers, Liars, and Losers Who Are Hurting America.
It’s Getting Ugly Out There.

“The beginning of the end for middle-class jobs here was President Clinton’s signing of the North
American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA). It has not all been on Bush’s watch, by any means,
although Bush did sign the Central American Free Trade Agreement (CAFTA) and has done
virtually nothing to close our borders. This is corporate America working its bottom line. It’s
capitalism maximizing profits at the expense of its expendable ordinary citizens. It’s ordinary
citizens craving instand gratification instead of saving for a rainy day..” “NAFTA was supposed
to be an economic superhighway for trade-goods and services flowing back and forth without
roadblocks and hindrances…”

Cafferty reports a Situation Room viewer as saying,

“Our country is going to hell in an imported handbasket.”

Researched by KCM/Crikket


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