Market Downfall Intentional? That’s What Some Americans Are Saying…

Based On Research Since The Wall Street News This Morning.

…”True, America is in serious financial trouble. Money (we didn’t have) began to pour out on credit. Ask China how much they loan us to stay afloat. Actually, I haven’t followed the money trail. I would suspect the Federal Reserve has a hand in this and collects interest on every dollar America borrows from them.

Maybe someone remembers some things our president told the American people… steps he was doing to ASSURE us from a recession. He was right, the economists predicted recession and he told us we aren’t facing a recession. He said we were in a stalled economy. He kept us from recession simply because we have jumped over recession and are headed into a full scale depression.

But why I say… but why? There are checkpoints in place. Remember? the ‘experts’ told us we would never see another “Great Depression” Maybe they’re right… “This one could take us far deeper and make the Great Depression seem like the first day of summer camp and we just lost our wallet with $100 cash.”
(yeah, you can quote me on that)

How is it all the sharpest economists did not foresee this downfall and do something to stop it? Why can’t the best of the best figure out safeguards that work at keeping our country afloat?…”