Hundreds of Billions – Got Some Popcorn…

“These illiquid assets are clogging up our financial system, and undermining the strength of our otherwise sound financial institutions. As a result, Americans’ personal savings are threatened, and the ability of consumers and businesses to borrow and finance spending, investment, and job creation has been disrupted,” Paulson said.

That is just a portion of our Treasury Secretary, Henry Paulson’s report as of this morning. Well, golly gee, they actually mention their concern for the American’s Personal Savings as a result of their mess. Far be it from an unknown like little o’me, and others like me,(The American People); to wonder just why the taxpayers need to support-(welfare comes to mind) the stupidity of these big and powerful conglomerate’s.

Well, those conglomerate’s cannot say that they have not been on welfare now, can they. What could we label them as: ‘High-Rise-Welfare’ or maybe summarize it as, ‘The Pig’s At The Trouth(sp) Got Their Fill’…Now the trouth is empty so the Mighty Reserve Truck is going to give them some more to pig out on.

Well American taxpayers, might as well see if you can afford to buy some popcorn so you all can sit back and watch as the movie unfolds. I think it is going to be a long movie.


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