Maverick, Renegade – Who is What, What is Who…

…Pushed in part by the weakening economy, in part by changing conditions overseas, the two nominees have placed themselves more on the same field of combat as the final stretch begins than they were some months ago. Two U.S. senators, they both present themselves as outsider critics of Washington who will bring change to the practices and policies of the capital, but who both presented agendas that deviated little from party dogma. They both focus on the anxieties and insecurity of American workers in a globalizing economy. Last night, Mr. McCain promised to fight for workers who have been “left behind in a changing economy” and argued that the solution is not “wishing away the global economy,” as he accused Mr. Obama of doing by opposing free-trade agreements. Mr. Obama would bristle, no doubt, at that characterization and argue that he has the better formula for engaging with the world. That sets the stage for a critical debate between the two candidates in the weeks to come…


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