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Let’s Think About This – What if…

“weighing down financial companies” is the key words…What if, What’s the worst thing that could happen (that isn’t going to happen anyway down the road) – Seems we have a choice:
1) we can believe and follow the power quo which obviously will mean that your taxes will go up at a time when you are just trying to survive, keeping a home, buying food, buying gas, etc. – The financial companies WILL NOT suffer right along with the taxpayers.
2) let the financial companies take their fall…and wall street (the way we presently know it) right along with them. Then the financial companies and the power quo WILL suffer right along with the taxpayers.

So are we going to buy time and go along with them on a bridge to nowhere, or are we going to just stop and face the music now. Probablity is it looks like a no win situation

What do you thing would really happen…dah – okay, I hear you; so now throw out the media and the political-toxic-garbage-trash, out of your minds and look at it in a different perspective.

If you saw the blog, “Inside the Bush White House”…look at the faces, pay attention to the names, and note that Paulson is a member of Bush’s Administration.

Personally, I don’t like Bush’s “Hilter-Demands”. His attitude is that there is only one way and that is his way…Paulson seems to share his view.

administration is seeking to buy up bad mortgage loans that have been weighing down financial companies

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Comment That Should Be Noted…

christianliberal Says:
September 22, 2008 at 2:36 am

I still get the feeling we are being duped, being robbed, and being played as pawns.

I think Obama would be better at sorting out this mess.
McCain’s chief financial adviser is Phil Gramm, the architect of the bill that deregulated the financial industry.