Broken Economy

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  1. Nice piece. I will second the motion on that. I do wish that American’s would once and for all get the guts to stand up to our government….Do you realize if 95% of all americans refused to file income tax returns this April 15 in retaliation of our government’s actions to this high crime failure of wall street….Just maybe they would get the picture that the american people aren’t taken it anymore. Just think, “WE COULD CALL IT A NATIONAL HOLIDAY…LIKE GOOD RIDDENS WASHINGTON LIKE YOU OFFICALS HAVE KNOWN IT”. We the people of this country are taking it back and if you don’t like it, well we will just vote you out of office..
    What can they do, Put 95% of the people in this country in jail ??? Fine us ?? Just refuse to pay.. I am all for standing up to the Government…If we don’t, we are going to have a country for Japan, China, or someone else will own it,..

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