60 Minutes on 4-19-2009 Central 6pm

Well I heard it. People with 401k loss are being told that it is their own responsibility. They were told that they made the choice and now need to accept what has happened.

Yet, did any one tell Wall Street that? The Banks that? The Car companies that? The Insurance companies that? They got bailed out with taxpayers money! Now the taxpayers 401k’s are the taxpayers own fault and they are being told – TOUGH LUCK!

The “Jackasses” just continue to show their stupidity over and over again.

No, I am not referring to Obama by any means…the stupidity of the government and lobbyists working below him, and all the other stupid, greedy, idiots can take the blame. And it is those people making decisions for the taxpayers. If it wasn’t so sickening, they would get a BIG LAUGH “at” them.

The rest of 60 Minutes talked about what happened to COLD FUSION. SRI Industries…Creation of a Clean Energy Battery. Potential of energy forever…Simple, with three main ingrediants.


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