Student Lenders’ Slippery Jobs Numbers |

Under the Student Aid and Fiscal Responsibility Act — which passed the House by a vote of 253 to 171 in September before being rolled into the reconciliation bill — the government would expand its role in making low-interest student loans, cutting off the subsidies it gives private lenders such as Sallie Mae (SLM Corp.) to originate the loans. By cutting out the middle man and making all the loans directly, taxpayers would save $61 billion over 10 years, according to the Congressional Budget Office. More than half the savings would be used to shore up the Pell Grant program for needy students, where grants now cover a steadily dwindling share of the cost of attending a public university.

Would overhauling the student loan program really “jeopardize more than 30,000 private sector jobs,” as claimed by those who oppose it? We find that

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American Must Step Up To The Plate: Search for the TRUTH!

We the people must become “Independent in Mind”
to reach out and search for the TRUTH! “Those” political figures that
are misrepresenting and stretching the truth, are doing this while being
paid by Taxpayer’s Dollars: Everyday, through every mode of
communication, political figures; whether out of lack of knowledge,
stupidity, special interest, or political party orientation, are
misleading YOU!

As an American, and for OUR Children and
Grandchildren; we the people have a responsibility to quit being
mislead; we must step up to the plate, we must quit taking bits and
pieces of information out of context, and without any verification of
truth, we must think for ourselves and proceed with self-researched

ENOUGH of allowing THOSE in politics to take ‘Specific Aim At
One Target’ no matter what the cost, no matter what the truth is.

As the people, we must form another ‘Expectation Of Our
Politics and Politicians’. No more of “well that’s just the way of
politics and we have to except that”…kcm/crikket

‘Marinesniper’ Meets ‘Talhotblond’ – ABC News

‘Marinesniper’ Meets ‘Talhotblond’ – ABC News.

Mitch McConnell – What planet are you on?

As for John Boehner, he obviously has an agenda and I do not believe it is for the American people!

Carrie Underwood – Cowboy Casanova (Official Music Video)

Carrie Underwood – Cowboy Casanova (Official Music Video).