American Must Step Up To The Plate: Search for the TRUTH!

We the people must become “Independent in Mind”
to reach out and search for the TRUTH! “Those” political figures that
are misrepresenting and stretching the truth, are doing this while being
paid by Taxpayer’s Dollars: Everyday, through every mode of
communication, political figures; whether out of lack of knowledge,
stupidity, special interest, or political party orientation, are
misleading YOU!

As an American, and for OUR Children and
Grandchildren; we the people have a responsibility to quit being
mislead; we must step up to the plate, we must quit taking bits and
pieces of information out of context, and without any verification of
truth, we must think for ourselves and proceed with self-researched

ENOUGH of allowing THOSE in politics to take ‘Specific Aim At
One Target’ no matter what the cost, no matter what the truth is.

As the people, we must form another ‘Expectation Of Our
Politics and Politicians’. No more of “well that’s just the way of
politics and we have to except that”…kcm/crikket


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