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The Devil Tooth

A Day and Night of PURE Pain
Having a baby is like a walk in the park in comparison.

I certainly found out that there are different degrees of suffering when it comes to an abcess tooth.  I am not a person to sit in my pity-pot, nor feel sorry for myself; but when it comes to pain like that, I think a person is entitled to indulge in a little self-pity.

Throughout the miserable ordeal I kept thinking of the overwhelming number of people out there that do not have insurance or any means to seek medical help.  At least I managed to get a dentist appointment scheduled for later today and a antibiotic prescription.

It happened to me about a year ago, but then the dentist could not locate the devil tooth.

As much as I tried, I could not figure out which tooth it was last night either.  The pain radiated and I would have been willing to let anyone pull every tooth in the upper right side of my mouth.  Pain pills didn’t even touch it!  Of course, it takes time for the antibiotic to start doing its job, so I was doomed to a sleepless, painful, long night.

I did go online to find some home remedies.  I was ready to try just about everything.  The tea bag idea sure did not seem to do me any good.  The only thing I found that gave a minimum of relief was to gargle with sea salt, and then brush with a peroxide and baking soda (Crest) toothpaste.

God Bless that one-to-five minutes of relief,repeatedly all night long.

And while I struggle to wait for the upcoming dentist appointment today, my mind keeps thinking about all those other people that suffer with that kind of pain and have no medical help.  In my way of thinking, I believe that it is down right inhuman.

I don’t believe in wishing harm on anyone, but I just can not help saying, “May every dentist who turns away someone suffering from an abcess tooth due to lack of insurance, or money, be cursed to experience themselves a full week of a full blown tooth abcess without any means of getting help or relief.”

UPDATE:  That devil tooth turned out to be a wisdom tooth that had a split-in-half crack (the tooth was out and just fell apart)…the dentist showed me the one root that was abcesing and the other root (or fang), whatever, came out in tiny pieces.  How can something so small be so unbelievably painful.  Now that it is out, I am just suffering from extreme soreness that resulted from last nights painful ordeal.   Also, some of the suggested home remedies I tried only aggravated the problem.

Our communities need a 24/7 on call dentist emergency service for those people without insurance or money that are seeking emergency dental medical relief.  After the medical issue is resolved: then a pay as they can plan can be agreed upon, or their promise to complete a community service agreement to help someone else in need.

Now days, most people go to the emergency room to only find a full house of people waiting in line, and they would more than likely be turned away for a dental emergency.