Idiots, Jackasses; and MORE Idiots and Jackasses…

Our government has a history of being run by Idiots and Jackasses. What makes it even worse, is that many of them were dishonest, greedy, self-fullfilling TOLLHEADS! A CrackerJack box full of CrackheadJacks!

What is poor Obama supposed to do with the inheritance of that historical mess anyway? To make matters even worse for Obama is the fact that many of those Idiots, Jackasses, and TOLLHEADS, (Democrat or Republican), are still in their elected offices; including those others still remaining that collect a paycheck from their employer -THE AMERICAN TAXPAYERS. flag1Photo Source Unknown

Childcare outsourcing Video

Report: Many U.S. Parents Outsourcing Child Care Overseas | The Onion – America’s Finest News Source

Sending Child Overseas in a BOX for daycare!

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60 Minutes on 4-19-2009 Central 6pm

Well I heard it. People with 401k loss are being told that it is their own responsibility. They were told that they made the choice and now need to accept what has happened.

Yet, did any one tell Wall Street that? The Banks that? The Car companies that? The Insurance companies that? They got bailed out with taxpayers money! Now the taxpayers 401k’s are the taxpayers own fault and they are being told – TOUGH LUCK!

The “Jackasses” just continue to show their stupidity over and over again.

No, I am not referring to Obama by any means…the stupidity of the government and lobbyists working below him, and all the other stupid, greedy, idiots can take the blame. And it is those people making decisions for the taxpayers. If it wasn’t so sickening, they would get a BIG LAUGH “at” them.

The rest of 60 Minutes talked about what happened to COLD FUSION. SRI Industries…Creation of a Clean Energy Battery. Potential of energy forever…Simple, with three main ingrediants.

WHY Does This Not Make Any Sense…

We are all aware of the “so called” fact that it “COSTS MONEY TO MAKE MONEY”.

Can someone please explain WHY, when “GIVEN” a stimulus of 1.5 Billion, the States are complaining that it will COST 1.2 Million to DISBURSE that 1.5 Billion – for the “Purpose of Stimulating” their State economy. They call is a “a major time suck” to ADMINISTER this money.

It appears the states past history does not have in place the guidelines or staff to Ensure Transparency or Curb Abuses of the Taxpayers Money. So now they need more money in order to disburse this FREE-Taxpayers-Stimulus-Money.
Stimulus funds costing states cash
Cash-strapped governments must shell out dollars or risk losing federal aid
The Associated Press
updated 4:35 p.m. CT, Fri., April 17, 2009

LINCOLN, Neb. – When it comes to the $787 billion in federal stimulus money flowing from Washington to the states, it will…cost money to SPEND money.

Nebraska’s governor’s office told lawmakers it expects to spend more than $1.2 million over two years to oversee disbursement of about $1.5 billion Nebraska stands to receive in federal stimulus funds.

Other states are in similar straits. But Washington — at least for now — isn’t handing out money for states to hire auditors and accountants, and the STIMULUS LAW requires stringent reporting from states to Ensure Transparency and Curb Abuses.

“I don’t really have a good solution of where to come up with the money,” the Nebraska governor’s chief of staff, Larry Bare, told lawmakers this week on the Appropriations Committee. Not doing so isn’t an option: “We ignore doing a good job of that at our own peril,” Bare said.

Under the law, if states miss a deadline or don’t spend the money fast enough, they lose the cash. Vice President Joe Biden warned last month that if states misspend the money, “don’t look for any help from the federal government for a long while.”

But states across the country are asking how they’re supposed to oversee the disbursement of billions of dollars intended to boost the economy with no budget to do so. At a conference last month at the White House, state officials asked whether they should use templates for reporting, and whether there’s any way of centralizing the information among states.

The White House said help is on its way, and it is looking at ways for states to get more money more quickly for oversight.

“The administration has been working with state officials to tackle the oversight challenges that they are facing,” said Tom Gavin, a spokesman for the White House Office of Management and Budget. “We want states to have the resources and the flexibility — on top of what is already in place — to make sure that Recovery Act funds are invested smartly to create jobs today and build a foundation for the country’s long-term economic growth.”

As with all federal money distributed to states, government rules allow states to allocate a portion for administrative costs. But states are complaining that the money isn’t enough to cover the cost of increased oversight and reporting obligations, and that it may arrive too slowly to cover expenses they need to pay immediately.

In South Carolina, staffers are working nights and weekends.

“We’re doing it on the cheap because we really don’t have a choice,” said Richard Eckstrom, South Carolina’s comptroller general. Eckstrom is head of a task force that will set up a state system to track how federal stimulus money is used.

“We’re not being paid to do it,” Eckstrom said. “We’re doing it with existing staff. We’re doing it with existing technology.”

In Colorado, state officials have complained they’re trying to make stimulus spending transparent but haven’t been given money for a Web site or publicist.

Don Elliman, Colorado’s economic development director who also leads a volunteer oversight panel set up to audit Colorado’s spending, called sorting through the stimulus particulars “a major time suck.”

“We’re doing the best we can,” he said. A spokesman for Colorado Gov. Bill Ritter says Colorado officials have no estimate for how much they’ll spend administering stimulus spending.

In Nebraska, coordination costs include salaries for four new staff members: two accountants, an information officer and a budget analyst.

Every state is moving through the same process at the same time, said Todd Haggerty, research analyst with the National Conference of State Legislatures, so if one state solves a problem, another state could benefit.

But with new directions coming daily from Washington, “it’s definitely a moving target,” Haggerty said.

Meanwhile, Nebraska, like many other states, faces a budget shortfall, and some lawmakers are skeptical of the high cost.

“There’s no rubber stamp on this,” said state Sen. Heath Mello of Omaha. “We’re going to have to ask more questions and they’re going to have to provide more information as we go down the road.”

Other lawmakers wonder whether the state is being realistic. But they have different concerns about the cost of distributing all the stimulus money.

“The amount of money coming is overwhelming,” said Sen. John Harms of Scottsbluff. “Is this enough?”

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Burning Money

Photo Source from Sean Brodrick, Money and,

Where has “Common Sense” gone to? We all know where our Trillions and Trillions of “Cents” are going. Now all the hard working “Taxpayers” are sending off their “Taxes” to the US government as we speak. And if that were not bad enough, the “Significant Banks”, and ‘Credit Card Monsters’ are saying, “We need more money from not only the government, but also from the clients that support their service.

When will the end of this “Madness” come? What little progress they say we have supposedly seen, is certainly not doing anything for the people. The United States government has “Tent Cities” popping up all over. Children are leaving their “home-cars”, or “tent cities”, or the “non-existent-shelters” to go to school. Parents are trying to get ready in their “tent homes” so they can go look for “non-existent jobs”.
Taxpapers are eating out of garbage cans, and those that aren’t, soon will be.

This is beyond crazy! ENOUGH is ENOUGH! The government is burning the money and they still want more! The banks and credit card companies are robbing the taxpayers blind! The CEO’s and Conglomerates; along with the Thieving-Greedy-Jackasses, within the upper crest and within the government, have the Assinine Belief that their Taxpayer-Prey are STUPID.

America – Stand Up For Our Future Generations

Americans need to continue voicing their opinions…if not for themselves, then do it for our future generations.
david-475776 The Obese 3 did go to the Financial Institutions that were Bailed Out, but were denied Loans due to Lack of Credibility. No viable Restructuring Plans. Especially, when the Financial Institutions found out that 20% of Budget was for “executive compensation opportunities”.
Also stated to Congress the “price tag” to implement their Restructuring Plans is 150 Billion USD after they submit their Restructuring Plans, March 2009.
And yes, this a Bailout not a Loan. Their Credit History indicates that ever since the 1970s they have defaulted on the Terms, Conditions, Agreements of all Loans. Even the one’s like changing from (US Only) SAE to (International) Metric so that they could save money by building only a International Standard model, instead of two models US Specification Model and International Model.
Additionally, that previous US Bailout have been used to “RETOOL” by building new Factories, Plants at Toluca, Mexico and Machau, China and everywhere except the US. While Closing US Plants/Factories.
Example: With Bailout, ask for 150 Billion USD to implement their Restructuring Plan. Close 1/3 US Factories/Plants, Layoff 1/3 US Work Force while retaining Mexican/Canadian/Chinese Plants/Factories and associated “Work Force”.
Please do not make this an “I TOLD YOU SO!” (Dec. 15)
They want a Bailout, OK:
Abolish NAFTA, CAFTA, AFTA, SAFTA, and tell the WTO go to hadies. And no more US funding to WTO.
Close all foreign plants/factories and bring them back to the United States of America.
Build one International model. No more International Models and US Only Specification Models.
Change to Metric as promised by previous US Bailouts.
Adhere to the Terms, Conditions, Agreements of previous US Bailouts. Since the 1970 Oil Crisis, no more BS excuses or Lobbying by Michigan Congressional Representatives.
Change the Quality Standard from the Fault Tolerance US Only Specification of .7mm to the International Fault Tolerance Standard of 0.5mm or less.
No more burying technology, example: cylindrical gear constant velocity transmission, enabling 80 miles per gallon, created by Engineering Students, Florida, shown and demonstrated to Congress, buried by FMC, 1970s.
No more Lobbyists that only reflect or benefit Corporate Policy and screw over US Citizens.
Buy American means exactly that: Parts, Made in the US by US Citizens, Cars and Trucks assembled by US Citizens in the US from those Parts. No more of this baloney parts Made In China, Mexico, China sent to the US for US Citizens to assemble, or preassemble cars or trucks being sent from a foreign sources to have one or two nuts, bolts or fastners made in china, claiming that they are Made In US.
Bruce F. David you’re my hero…. I couldn’t have said it any better. The problem with your logic, is that it’s logical, and after all, who listens to mere logic. The world would be a better place.

Fisherman144 The taxpayer DIDN’T authorize the bailout of the banks and brokerage houses, Congress did with the guidance of Henry Paulson – a man grown and breed by Wall St.. The banks have gotten money to help the foreclosure market, but they haven’t. They are keeping that money to shore up their own bottom lines. Wall St. not Main St. has been getting the bulk of the TARP money. We, the little guys on the street, have had nothing to say about it. $700 Billion of our money has been given away to self-serving institutions. Once again the taxpaying middle class is left holding the bag. Paulson is as bad as the greed of the Illinois Governor.
No, we should not bail out the auto makers. They will be back again and again with their hands out for more money. Let the bankruptcy begin and the Federal Court oversight may drive these guys into being responsible business owners. By the way, why shouldn’t the auto workers (union) be made to earn a salary in parody (the same as) the foreign auto workers right here in the U.S.?
Brian Schneck The fact as I see them… First the big three focused on the less fuel efficient gas hogs, the bigger the better. Second, the big three paid their shareholders and executives and did not save for a rainy day. Third, the big three has made junk the last 20 plus years. Why do you think imports are more popular? Finally, the UAW did not help. The unions demanded more and more but the big three were not selling the cars. How do they think they will get paid? Both the automakers and auto workers are responsible for the mess they are in. Neither thought about the big three’s future and survival until it was too late. Sadly unions have become as greedy and corrupt as the businesses they deal with. Corporate mismanagement and excessive union demands will lead to more failed businesses. We need reform for both businesses and unions whether they like it or not. Sorry, no $100 million pay for your CEO. … and no $30 an hour for a Union worker if the company is going under. Sorry, reality check.
America needs some COMMON SENSE. (All of Newsvine)

They “Gambled With The 700 Billion Bailout” and Lost…

Taxpayers are paying those “ZOMBIES” to work for the good of the American people. And what did they do?
They have gambled in the stock market, again, in a “LasVegas Gambling Style”. Without the taxpayers knowledge, or approval; The Zombies ran to the gambling table and have lost at least half of the 700 bailout money so far. In fact, it is reported that some stock they bought at a higher 25% cost than it was worth at the time, have been a bad bet to date. Of the 53 bets they made, only 2 have supposedly been good bets, and they were small companies that gave a return, unlike the large conglomerate bets that lost bailout money at the gambling table.

“…Treasury Secretary Henry M. Paulson Jr. describes the cash infusion as “an investment, not an expenditure.”

So far, however, only two of the 53 banks can be considered a good investment.

The AP’s analysis found that only HF Financial Corp. of Sioux Falls, S.D., and First Niagara Financial Group of Lockport, N.Y., would make money for taxpayers if the common stock options were exercised today. According to records filed with the Securities and Exchange Commission, both are small banks, far removed from the wheeling and dealing of federally insured giants that ravaged the global economy by making bad bets on subprime mortgages.

The South Dakota bank, for example, has a market value of $54 million, a tiny fraction of the size of JPMorgan Chase, the nation’s largest. The Treasury Department gave $25 million to HF Financial on Nov. 21 in exchange for 25,000 shares of preferred stock and warrants that allow taxpayers to buy 302,000 shares at $12.40 within the next decade. For now, it’s a good deal; the bank’s stock is trading around $13. If the government exercised its option to buy HF stock today, taxpayers would collect $63,500.

More companies would be in the black, but the government used a 20-day stock price average to set the warrant price, meaning it willingly negotiated to pay roughly 25 percent more than the stock was worth on the day it signed the deals on behalf of taxpayers.

Nara Bancorp, created in 1989 to serve Southern California’s growing Korean-American community, borrowed $67 million from taxpayers on Nov. 21, when its stock was trading at $7.50 per share. But the government negotiated the option to buy 1 million shares of Nara common stock at $9.64, higher than its stock is currently trading.

“It’s a complete mistake to think this is a good investment for us,” said Paola Sapienza, a finance associate professor at Northwestern University’s Kellogg School of Management, who spearheaded a September protest of the bailout by more than 200 of the nation’s leading economists. “It’s a gamble. It’s like going to Las Vegas.”
© 2008 The Associated Press. All rights reserved. This material may not be published, broadcast, rewritten or redistributed…”

In all likelihood, it was a planned out strategic game played at the taxpayers expense. That is what the
700 Billion bailout was all about. It just may not have been realized by the past and present day corrupt culprits that it would have the domino effect that is being experienced as we speak.

The American people need to form their groups, and with prepared grievances and accountability demands; the taxpayers need to email their expectations to Obama. Within these stated group grievances and accountability demands, the people must ask for accountability. Those responsible MUST be flushed out and held legally accountable.

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