If God isn’t done with you, God isn’t done with you…

Look at the picture above and you can see where this driver broke through the guardrail, on the right side of the culvert, where the people are standing on the road, pointing. The pick-up was traveling about 75 mph from right to left when it crashed through the guardrail. It flipped end-over-end bounced off and across the culvert outlet, and landed right side up on the left side of the culvert, facing the opposite direction from which the driver was traveling.

The 22-year-old driver and his 18-year-old passenger were unhurt except for minor cuts and bruises. Just outside Flagstaff, AZ, on U.S. Hwy 100. Now look at the second picture…

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Salmon < The 7 Best Foods for Women | Cooking Light – Cooking Light

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It’s important for both sexes to eat an array of healthy foods. But if you’re a woman, science shows these seven foods could offer that extra edge.

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Jurys are in the Justice Business..

“…Judges and politicians are in the re-election business, lawyers are in the winning business; but Jurys are in the Justice business…”

It is time for Jurys to step up to the plate.
by Harry’s Law, Kathy Bates, Courtroom: CST 9pm Channel-10 Mondays

Abuser’s Destination

This “Special Room” provides a destination for physically violent, and child abusers of any kind! Good Ridens!!

The Time Is Now…


The time has come for Serious REFLECTION, for PEACEFUL Decision-Making, and for SELF-ACTUALIZATION of Accountability for One and All within OUR Nation.

Judicial Watch | Fighting corruption & promoting transparency in government through public education and use of the Freedom of Information Act.

For All God’s Children

Your Answers to Our Holy Ghost in Faith

Your room’s light illumination as in the Light of God’s Truth will drive out darkness of doubt and insecurity. Your Creator has observed each satanic attack within or against your life. Open your heart to God’s truth and goodness, and Respond, within your own mind, or openly, or outloud, to the satanic evil invasions:
“Satan, I bind you in the name of Jesus and I command you to leave.”

Your Pearl, as it pertains to you, will emerge, beautiful and illustrious, from your most painful hardships in life. Your Faith will shape your response. Over time, within the Pearl, the erosive foreign irritant’s attack will be covered by healing fluids, allowing Our Heavenly Father to turn those irritants into opportunities for your growth: (James 1:2-4)
“Rest in Faith and Trust in God”

“Have faith that the Holy Spirit will intercede for you and direct you through your prayers.” Faith gives you assurance that God will give you solutions. Prayer is necessary to dispel evil, and fulfill, the spiritual solvents that bring love, joy, peace and faith into your life. Put forth effort and you must pray.
“Upon Faith Alone Depends The Answers To Your Prayers.”

“Thus Saith the Lord…Love me and Seek to know me.” Trust God’s spiritual solvents to open your way to his heart, and seek to have greater faith. Have patience and your spirit will grow in the character of God. The movement of the Holy Spirit is working in and around you. The Holy Spirit works through your mind, the inner you, the spiritual you. “In God We Trust” – Amen

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