Spread The Message

TIME is of the ESSENCE!

TAXPayers: Start your United Taxpayers Peaceful Network Force by putting this message in every blog across the internet. Use whatever legal, peaceful method available to you to spread this message to as many as possible. Let us all do our part!
This is our only course of quick action…we need to get our message out there in front of all of America to let our government know where we stand: We Can Do This! Our future generations are depending on us. Let us spread this message across America through our blogs on the internet. Our Blogs can be used as a United, Peaceful, Network Force for the Taxpayers.

“Enough is Enough!
We The People of the United States of America are coming together as a UNITED, Peaceful, Network Force; Demanding Clean-Up, Change, and

Accountability from our President, his Administration, and all Elected Public and Financial Officials. We will no longer remain apathetic

to YOUR senseless, self-serving, greedy, dishonest, criminal behavior. The Party is Over!
It is time you are reminded that you work for The American People. We The People are not happy with your job performance, and demand an

independent, honest; Selected Board of Mainstream Honest Taxpayers to oversee our government and questionable significant others.

This is not a request, this is a requirement. The elite, wealthy, and self-serving, dishonest, criminal people need not apply for the job.

We as a Network of United American Taxpayers are tired of watching you walk down the “Yellow Brick Road” and the “Path to Self-Serving,

Dishonest Riches” at our expense. It appears that we as taxpayers now have what will become over a trillion dollar bill to pay as a

result of your greed and incompetence. We come United as your employer, demanding Legal Accountability. No more passing the buck and

sweeping the “Filth” under the carpet.

Effective Immediately: Those political, governmental, financial and wealthy people involved; You have just received YOUR PINK SLIP.

Let it be known that We The People have sent a firm message to the upcoming elected presidents, administrations, and wall street (as we know it in the past and as of today);

and “ALL” CEO’s, and the financial, political conglomerates and lobbyists…We The People of America have spoken as a peaceful, united, network demanding

legally enforced clean-up, honest change, and accountability! We will not tolerate being treated like stupid, apathetic, helpless people anymore – we are not your slaves.”

The Taxpayers of The United States of America