insurance companies dirty tricks

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US Health Care – Just a tip of the iceberg, now unraveling…

WHO is STEALING Billions from Health System

First New Food Safety Laws in 70 Years

Save Our Kids in America

“…National Human Trafficking…. i didnt get the whole name it was taken off the screen too fast, but i did get the phone number first: 888 373 7888. Or call your congressmen to ask what they are doing about it.

Transparency- People Can Connect with White House

Excellent! About Time! Long Overdue!!

Treasury ‘Alphanumeric Soup’

The Treasury’s ‘Alphanumeric Soup’ leads one to think of “Alpha and Omega”.
It seems that the Treasury has ‘controversial-muddlings’ in the ‘Still-BEGINNINGS’;
The ENDS are far from reach. (KCM Crikket)

Zeitgeist: Addendum

Please NOTE: This site does not endorse everything that is presented on this video. If you can get past those things that bother or offend you, then you will find that there is some value to the information presented.

The COMPLETE video in Full screen.

Vodpod videos no longer available.

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